Sweetest Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

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It looks like Valentine's Day will be different, and many will be staying home on this romantic holiday. Though you may feel like you are stuck in your apartment home, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate with your loved one. Pick up some chocolate, grab some flowers, have dinner delivered, and get ready to celebrate Valentine's Day 2021 style. 

Breakfast in Bed

Treat your loved one to breakfast in bed on Valentine's Day morning. Breakfast does not have to be too fancy. Toast, eggs, and coffee is a great way to start the morning. Not a cook? Set your alarm, wake up early, and grab some breakfast from a nearby restaurant, and put it on one of your plates to serve up. 

Chocolate Tasting

Apartment living has never been so decadent. Indulge yourself by creating a spread full of chocolate. Gather up chocolate candies, cakes, and fondue with various fruits. Chocolate is the perfect addition to wine tasting and an indoor picnic. 

Create a Photo Book

Gather up all those photos you have wanted to put into an album and get busy organizing. Creating a photo book together allows for both of you to reminisce about the memories associated with the photos you are organizing. 


Just like Christmas, set the mood for Valentine's Day with decorations. Fill the home with flowers, hearts, and anything love related. Get a new diffuser and some romantic scents, such as lavender or rose. 

Game Night

Game night and a little friendly competition can spark laughter and conversations. Rummage through your closet, see which classic games you have or go virtual and play some video games. No games in the home? Head out to your nearest store and pick up a board game, trivia game, video game, or card game to play this Valentine's Day. 

Indoor Picnic

Apartment living does not mean you cannot enjoy the many benefits of having a picnic dinner. Spread out the picnic blanket on the living room floor, gather up fun foods, such as finger sandwiches, salad, and a glass of wine. Enjoy time together in a romantic setting without the need to go outside in the middle of winter. 

Movie Marathon

Cover the floor with blankets and pills for a movie marathon or binge-watching your favorite television show. Since it's Valentine's Day, theme the movies around romance or chick flicks. Or be adventurous and watch action or thriller movies. Comedies are also an excellent option for Valentine's Day movie marathon with your loved one. 

Pamper One Another

Create a relaxing spa environment in the home. Draw a warm bath for your loved one with rose petals or refreshing citrus and let them relax while you clean up dinner. Then place blankets and pillows on the floor to relax and pamper one another. Take turns massaging one another's back or feet using oil. Fill the air with the relaxing scent of rose petals or lavender with a diffuser. Play soft, soothing music and turn down the lights. 

Play Bartender

Have fun making an assortment of drinks to share and sample. Learn how to make new drinks together. Find a mixology book or watch videos on YouTube for step-by-step instructions to create fun beverages together. 

Read Together

Find a book from the library you both want to read or dust the one you bought months ago but never got around to reading. Then, after dinner, pour some wine and sit back for an evening of reading. Take turns reading to one another, switching after each chapter. 

Virtual Cooking Classes

Make a romantic dinner together this Valentine's Day in the comfort of your own home. Search for virtual cooking classes and sign up together. Some classes include everything you need, including the ingredients delivered to your door. You can also attempt to learn how to cook on your own. If you have old cookbooks lying around, dust them off and learn how to cook a recipe together. 

Virtual Painting Class

Many wine and canvas locations have moved their classes online. Some even offer kits with all the necessary supplies to be picked up before the virtual course. Pour some wine and learn how to make a beautiful masterpiece in the comfort of your apartment. 

Write Love Letters

Take a moment to write your loved one a letter. Share with your loved ones all the things you love about them and why you are grateful to have them in your life. When completed, take a moment to write a letter to others in your life that you love – parents, grandparents, children, friends, etc.

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